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Fueled by innovative new handsets and a growing number of apps, Android smartphones have emerged as a legitimate competitor to the iPhone. For businesses users, selecting the best Android apps is crucial to harnessing the power of mobility. To help you hone in on the apps that will boost your productivity, we’ve selected 12 essential apps for small and midsize business users.

Users are flocking the the Android platform, making it a legitimate competitor to the dominant iPhone. But Android isn’t just for smartphones. There’s a variety of hardware configurations and versions of the Android operating system that allow you to select the combination that’s right for you and your business. But the platform alone isn’t enough. Making the Android platform perform under real business conditions requires selecting and installing the right apps on the device of your choice. The 12 Android apps selected here rank among the leading business enabling apps now available for Android smartphones. You can install them now direct from the Android Market. 

The flexibility of the Android platform that allows you to select the right device for your needs, means that not all these apps run on every version of hardware and OS. That said, with the explosive growth of the Android platform developers are introducing new apps all the time and rolling out new versions and updates of existing apps. So it pays to check compatibility before you buy and keep an eye out for new versions of the apps you want. 



Skype’s IP based phone service makes great use of the high speed capabilities of your phone, even if (or maybe because) it bypasses the telephony function of the phone itself. Aside from the obvious advantage that Skype lets you use your phone for voice calls without using up your relatively expensive voice minutes, you can use Skype to consolidate your voice connections under a single phone number (using a Skype-in number). 

As more businesses and individuals add Skype accounts to their frequently used applications, you may find yourself making more no-cost calls with the Skype-to-Skype connection. And when you do need to call a standard phone number, Skype’s per-minute costs are typically lower than standard cell contract minutes. 

Price: Free, with paid options 


Evernote’s “capture all” capabilities are perfectly suited for use with an Android-enabled phone. Its ability to collect images, text, audio, and nearly any type of file and store them in its cloud-based repository makes it easy to expand the already impressive capabilities of the Android platform. Evernote’s ability to convert those captured assets to searchable notes, then make them available on your desktop, laptop, or even another phone, make this a must-have application. 

Use your Android’s camera to snap a shot of that wine label you want to remember, and Evernote turns it into text so you can retrieve it by searching on the name, or on the keywords you assigned when you uploaded the photo. Record a voice note using the Evernote app, send an email, tweet, or write a handwritten note, and Evernote will store and index your entries for later retrieval. Most features are available with the free version of Evernote, but some advanced features, like uploading any type file, are only available with the premium (paid) version. 

Price: Free, with paid options 


Documents To Go

It’s a good bet that many of your business associates will exchange office productivity documents with you. When you’re at your computer, opening and editing documents created in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint is a no-brainer. But if you want to stay productive while away from the office, Dataviz Documents To Go makes the perfect companion. With this app, you can open (and edit, using the paid version) these kinds of files, and email them as attachments. Documents To Go is integrated with Gmail, making it a perfect fit for Android devices. The premium version adds the ability to open PDF and Powerpoint files. 

Price: Free, with paid options 


Google Goggles

Google Goggles is part of a set of capabilities referred to as “augmented reality,” but aside from the hype, Google Goggles can be a boon for anyone wanting to find more information about something they are looking at. The app relies on the ability to snap a photo using the Android’s camera, which it analyzes, then returns information about what’s in the photo. Snap a photo of a business card, and Google Goggles returns a full listing of the contact, company, its website, and even directions to the location. Taking photos of buildings and other landmarks can return details about the building and what’s inside. The reach of Goggles is expanding, so snap away to find out what you didn’t know about what you’re looking at. 


PageOnce Personal Assistant

PageOnce’s Personal Assistant is just what its name implies. The app collects and organizes your important information in a secure environment that’s available via your Android device. Add your frequent flyer accounts, schedule notifications, have it monitor your mobile minute usage, and even get a consolidated view of your bank accounts, credit cards, and investments. The paid version removes advertisements, and adds real time flight information – a must have if your schedule includes frequent air travel. Personal Assistant lets you monitor the important financial aspects of your world in a single interface. 

Price: Free, with paid options 



Barcode Scanner

Barcodes have been a staple of the retail business for years, and have found their way into other industries such as publishing, shipping, and postal services. Some are now being used online to act as quick references to websites. Most of the online barcodes are of the 2D variety rather than the traditional vertical bar sequence, but they perform the same function… providing information in a graphical format that can be reliably interpreted by a computer. 

Barcode Scanner is an Android app that allows you to snap a photo of the barcode with your Android device’s camera. The app then interprets the barcode for you, displays the information contained in the graphical image, and offers to take additional steps such as open your web browser to display the URL contained in the barcode. You may begin to see these 2D barcodes in magazines and online more frequently, and adding the app to your Android is simple and can save you lots of keystrokes. 

Price: Free 


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