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ABD Başkanlık seçimlerinde Grandstream kullanıldı.

Ocak 29, 2013 by admin in Manşet, Telekom

With one day left until the very anticipated US Presidential elections, I wanted to share how Grandstream endpoints and gateways have been utilized during this year’s Presidential election. For the Democratic Party,  President Obama chose our GXW4024 port gateways for the foundation of its one-line analog telephone system while Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney chose to mimic a Grandstream customized communications solution used by previous Republican candidates -they upgraded this year to the GXP2120.

President Barack Obama using  Grandstream Networks GXW4024 Gateways

to host his one line Analog phone solution in his campaign offices.

Presidential elect candidate Mitt Romney using Grandstream Networks GXP2120 endpoint with custom build software to guide volunteers with questioners read off the screens of the phones. Follow the link below to a case study that will provide you with more details on how this solution was implemented during the elections. This case study refers to Senator McCain’s last presidential campaign against President Obama.